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Pornstar Jack Vidra


Shopping for a beefy stud to be your gay redhead pornstar boyfriend for just tonight? Meet Jack Vidra: you’ll love his wry grin, big arms, vivid tattoos, and of course his big dick. Jack’s more than just his looks and prowess in bed, though – as a gourmet chef with a military background in the Marines, you can bet he’ll know how to treat you right tonight.

Jack might be a city boy now, but growing up he came from a very different cultural climate:

“Delaware, the very southern end. So my parents live in a huge farm and it was very, very rural on very kind of, you know, not backwoods but, you know, very kind of conservative.”

Want to get to know this once-farm boy, once-military man turned chef and hot gay pornstar? Take him home tonight, as Tonight’s Boyfriend.

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